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Clockwork Purple: A collection of Short Stories

Bye, bye boring fiction!
​Welcome to Clockwork Purple - storytelling at its best!​

You are about to embark on a literary journey filled with adventure, humor, fantasy, and everything in between. This entertaining and diverse collection of short stories will whet every reader’s appetite for a good tale while offering thought-provoking, surprising and often comical reads.

Discover how each author rises to the challenge of taking a prompt from any book on any page and forming a story using a sentence that is randomly chosen. You’ll be surprised by the unique ways each prompt is utilized within a 45-minute timeline. No two are alike!

No two stories in Clockwork Purple are alike!

Whether you have ten minutes to read a single story, or all day to enjoy the book, you will be entertained with over 75 unique and memorable stories. 

Here is a sampling of some of the
prompts that inspired the authors:

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